The Association Jules Bianchi #17

Stay hopeful.

To face this difficult fight for months. To be strong enough to watch on Jules with a smile to give him the best of us.

With you support, full of love for him and for us, we managed to follow his way of thinking :

Never give up !

The association aims to honor the memory of Jules, through all that it creates in its image, allowing everyone to support him again and again! It is with this difficult experience in the hospital environment that the association wishes to provide all the necessary support to those who have seen their lives shift and whose morale is essential to keep hope. She would like to collaborate with the USCL Service (care units for the heavy brain-damaged patients) of the bow Hospital in Nice, where Jules was for several months. To improve the comfort of patients and their families. Then, afterwards, in a similar service specializingfor children.

The clothing line

The purpose of the garments is to persiate the image and the values of Jules from its fansand those who support the actions of the Association.The design of the T-shirts is assured by the family so that it corresponds to its image and that it is at the nearest of what Jules would have desired. The models on the site are close to Jules, family or friends. The association goes to the hospital, teachers, doctors, caregivers, psychologists, kinesitherapists… So that actions in place are chosen according to the emergency needs and in concordance with the staff of the service.

The shower trolley

In March 2018, the Jules Bianchi Association wishes to improve patient comfort by donating an electric shower trolley. Worth 7000 euros, it is used by medical staff of the unit of care for the heavy brain-damaged patients of the hospital the bow of the CHU of Nice. This shower trolley is used every day for hygiene care delivered to patients. It improves patient comfort and helps caregivers in carrying out this care.

The driving simulator

The next goal is the simulator. It will check whether the patient can get back on the wheel or not, and measure his brain evolutions. This simulator will be used throughout the department as no other hospital has. In fact, patients from other hospitals will be able to come to the CHU of the bow to test their reflexes.

Looking to the future

In the near future, the association would like to intervene also on the bathrooms so that the toilet becomes a real moment of escape. Indeed, during a head trauma, well-being and morale are paramount in order for progress to be made. But today, the bathroom is a narrow space, and dehumanizing although the caregivers do everything possible to make this moment as enjoyable as possible. The association has been present since May 2016 on the Monaco Grand Prix and since the return of the Grand Prix de France to the Paul Ricard Circuit. We, family and volunteers, are present on the stands at these events. Although sometimes it is difficult for us, we want to be present to bring the values and objectives of the Association, but especially to keep Jules‘ memory through these actions.


His dream, to drive. Ours today, that we never forget …


Thanks for your support!


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