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Association Jules Bianchi #17 His dream, Pilot, Ours today, May we never
forget him.

Jules Bianchi #17

Maintain hope.

Face this difficult fight for months.
To have the strength to watch over Jules with a smile to give him only the best.
It is with your support, loaded with love for him and for us,
that we have managed to follow his motto :

Never give up!

The association therefore aims to honor his memory, through everything we have created in his image, by allowing – you the fans or others who were simply touched by his career – to support Jules still and always !


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Auto simulator

Auto simulator

Thanks to your support, we were been able to acquire this gergeous car simulator for the Archet university Hospital. This simulator will allow patient’s reflexes to be tested, and to determine whether they can resume driving or some of them can pass the driver’s licence. It also allows for measuring progress in terms of many […]

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Association Jules Bianchi #17
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