Association Jules Bianchi #17 His dream, Pilot, Ours today, May we never
forget him.

Jules Bianchi #17

Maintain hope.

Face this difficult fight for months.
To have the strength to watch over Jules with a smile to give him only the best.
It is with your support, loaded with love for him and for us,
that we have managed to follow his motto :

Never give up!

The association therefore aims to honor his memory, through everything we have created in his image, by allowing – you the fans or others who were simply touched by his career – to support Jules still and always !


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F1 : Ferrari boss announces big things for Leclerc

F1 : Ferrari boss announces big things for Leclerc

In Japan, it was time to pay tribute to Jules Bianchi, ten years after his very serious accident on the Suzuka circuit. During this Grand Prix, Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez came first and second, followed respectively by Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.
Japanese F1 GP – Verstappen takes back control

Japanese F1 GP – Verstappen takes back control

Legendary circuit where 19 title fights took place, the Suzuka track hosted the fourth round of the 2024 Formula 1 season this weekend. After two consecutive doubles, the Red Bull machine stalled in Australia following the retirement of Verstappen at the start of the race and the fifth place of Pérez, almost a minute behind the winner. Was the Austrian team going to suffer another setback in Japan? No !

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