Pierre Gasly changes colors in 2024

Pierre Gasly changes colors in 2024, at least on his helmet made in collaboration with Adrien Paviot and BS Design.

The design of the helmet was provided, as in previous years, by the artist and commentator Adrien Paviot.
The painting was then carried out by BS Design.
Two major players in Formula 1 helmets because they also collaborate with Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and Kevin Magnussen (Haas).

The predominantly blue paint contrasts with the colors of dark blue and pink on the body of the Alpine.
We note the symbols JB17 and AH on the sides of the helmet, as a sign of homage to the friends of Pierre Gasly,
Jules Bianchi and Anthoine Hubert, who died too soon. The colors of the French flag and race number 10 appear on the top of the helmet.

article source : https://www.autohebdo.fr/actualites/f1/le-nouveau-casque-de-pierre-gasly-pour-la-saison-2024.html
Charles Leclerc and the Bianchi family : one for all, all for Jules! Photo G.L
The Paul Ricard du Castellet circuit pays tribute to young drivers Jules Bianchi and Antoine Hubert

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