“My son did not die for nothing”: 10 years later, Jules Bianchi’s father “found peace”

The 2014 Japanese Grand Prix was the tragic scene of the accident which cost the life of Jules Bianchi.
Ten years later, his father Philippe looks back on the hell he went through and his fight so that his son was “the last person to die on the slopes”. A poignant testimony.

Article source : https://www.leparisien.fr/sports/formule-1/mon-fils-nest-pas-mort-pour-rien-10-ans-apres-le-pere-de-jules-bianchi-a-trouve-la-paix-06-04-2024-U5IKXG3V2RC2HOIBDFGXEPNSUA.php

This year, in October, it will be 10 years since Jules Bianchi suffered his terrible accident during the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix
Verstappen and Gasly discuss Jules Bianchi, 10 years later

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